The Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic at the University of Chicago Medicine provides comprehensive diagnostics and advanced treatment for all forms of inherited cardiovascular disease. While partnering with our patients, we personalize treatment plans to meet the exact needs of those with inherited cardiovascular disease.

Our UChicago Medicine clinic excels at identifying and understanding these inherited diseases, including cardiomyopathies, inherited heart rhythm disorders (including Long QT syndrome), in addition to inherited vascular conditions such as early onset familial forms of coronary artery disease and Marfan syndrome. We see individuals with inherited neuromuscular diseases that affect the heart, such as muscular dystrophies.

Our Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic has provided treatment, risk assessment and risk reduction since 1996. Due to the genetic nature of these disorders, our team uses genetic testing to detect gene mutations known to be linked to various inherited forms of cardiovascular disease and works with the patient’s family members to help identify relatives who may be at risk for cardiovascular disease. From this we are able to make recommendations and help prevent or minimize future health problems.

Our cardiovascular genetics program draws patients and families from throughout the United States and is one of the oldest and most experienced programs in this particular area of expertise.