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Chicagoland Children’s Health Alliance Bariatric Clinic: a systematic approach to care

Children living in larger bodies may face increased health risks. Experts at the Chicagoland Children's Health Alliance strive to help prevent and control chronic diseases and help children grow into healthy adults.

Neuroblastoma patient treated at both Advocate and Comer hospitals thanks to new CCHA partnership

Jakari Fuller is getting specialized treatment at two different hospitals for his high-risk neuroblastoma thanks to the Chicagoland Children's Health Alliance.

What parents need to know about common viruses: Colds, flu, COVID, RSV and more

Allison Bartlett, MD, MS, shares tips to help kids avoid catching colds, the flu, RSV, COVID and other seasonal viruses — plus, what to do if your child gets sick.

Llevando la Investigación al Paciente

El Hospital Pediátrico Comer está desplazando los limites en la atención en los niños. Nuestros especialistas pediátricos están comprometidos en ofrecer a todos los niños los tratamiento más innovadores y eficaces. Consideramos que niños de todas las edades tienen el derecho a crecer sanos, fuertes y felices.

Pediatric hospital patient playing with a truck in the playroom
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