Labor pain can be intense, but you have options to help you cope — without medication, an epidural or spinal anesthesia. If it's safe for you and your baby, you may even choose not to take pain medication at all.

Natural Labor Pain Management Techniques

At the Family Birth Center, we offer several natural and low intervention pain management options.

Our new natural birthing suites are equipped with built-in warm water immersion therapy (hydrotherapy) tubs. For women who are in active labor, hydrotherapy can offer pain relief and other benefits prior to delivery. The water is kept at a controlled temperature to avoid dehydration.

Particularly recommended for prolonged, obstructed labors with low risk, the advantages of warm water immersion may include:

  • Soothing labor pain
  • Softening the perineum, which may reduce the chance of episiotomy
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing blood circulation, allowing more oxygen in the womb
  • Enhancing comfort and flexibility in positioning
  • Mental and physical relaxation

Whether you need to rock, squat, bounce or walk, we offer a selection of labor and birth aids to help you move through pain and discomfort. Our midwives can coach you through movement and positioning exercises and apply physical touch to help you cope with contractions and other types of labor pain. Our midwives offer hands-on support for:

  • Counter pressure
  • Hip squeeze
  • Pelvic presses

We encourage you to choose freely from our services and amenities for comfort and support during labor.

Our midwives can support you through pain management exercises based on focus and distraction techniques, including:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Vocalization
Mother cradling newborn skin to skin

Natural Birth

Choose from a range of options to experience natural birth your way in a safe hospital setting. At the Family Birth Center, your care team will listen to your preferences, concerns and questions, and respect your childbirth choices with compassion and expertise.

Natural Childbirth

Our Certified Nurse Midwives

With expertise in evidence-based practices, personalized prenatal care, and hands-on labor support, our certified nurse midwives play a unique role in optimizing birth experiences.