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International Patient Services

The University of Chicago Medicine serves hundreds of patients from more than 50 countries around the world. While our medical team provides world-class clinical care for those patients, our Office of International Programs offers all international patients an exceptional experience with customized services to meet their cultural, religious and linguistic needs.

Our bilingual and culturally diverse patient coordinators facilitate every aspect of an international patient’s experience, from travel to Chicago through discharge from care. Care coordination includes scheduling medical appointments, accompanying patients to appointments and following up on treatment plans. Our team of financial coordinators ensures patients receive estimates for care or are covered by insurance to receive care at UChicago Medicine. We also offer certified medical interpreters to bridge any communication gaps between patients and their care team. In addition, our Guest Services team provides comprehensive concierge services to make an international patient’s visit as comfortable as possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Remote second opinions for patients with our top physicians in a variety of clinical specialties
  • Clinical triage, medical management, direct admission,and discharge planning by dedicated international medical directors
  • 24/7 patient coordination in different languages including, but not limited to, English, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean
  • Complimentary certified medical interpretation in more than 50 different languages
  • Complimentary transportation to and from medical appointments and the airport
  • Lodging arrangements with local hotels and apartments at discounted rates
  • Financial transaction assistance for cost estimates and banking services
  • Primary care services for international patients and their companions
  • International Patient Lounge in downtown Chicago that allows patients to access all concierge services, including free Wi-Fi, international TV channels, meditation rooms and complimentary snacks

International Knowledge Transfer

UChicago Medicine is committed to bringing best practices to the rest of the world and supporting international partners to improve clinical quality and operational effectiveness through tailored programs.

UChicago Medicine’s team of talented administrators and clinicians actively provide advisory and consultation services around the world in an effort to share knowledge and skills.  Examples of advisory projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Program development for key clinical centers of excellence
  • Market assessment and gap analysis for development of new programs and facilities
  • Advice on new facility development and pre-operational planning
  • Quality and safety assessments
  • Operational excellence and LEAN transformation
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Financial reporting and bench marking
  • Strategic planning and governance
  • Patient experience

Our clinical and administrative experts are committed to sharing best practices with physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and leaders from around the world. We offer practical education and training programs in Chicago and locally in your home country if requested. These sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of international health care organizations, including:

  • Health care executive leadership training
  • International physician training and observership programs
  • International nurse training and observership programs
  • International allied health training and observership programs
  • Administrative training (e.g., supply chain optimization, operational excellence, patient experience, quality and safety)

About UChicago Medicine

UChicago Medicine, with a history dating back to 1927, is one of America’s leading academic medical institutions.

UChicago Medicine comprises:

  • Pritzker School of Medicine, which is regularly ranked among the top medical schools in the United States
  • University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division, which boasts 12 Nobel Prize winners in physiology and medicine are affiliated
  • UChicago Medicine, which opened the Center for Care and Discovery in 2013. The $700 million, 10-story specialty medical facility focuses on cancer, digestive diseases, neurosciences, advanced surgery and high-tech medical imaging

UChicago Medicine offers a full range of specialty care services for adults and children through more than 40 institutes and centers. Our clinical centers of excellence include:

We are committed to providing the best treatment options as well as personalized services for international patients who come to UChicago Medicine. We are also dedicated to supporting the improvement of health care delivery around the world by bringing international standards and best practices to hospitals across the country through partnerships and collaborations.

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