Combining the efforts of a fitness expert, dietitian and psychologist, KidFit Camp is a unique, interactive weight management program designed to help 9 to 12-year-old children and their parents establish safe, healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.

The program focuses on changing behaviors and building self-esteem, with an emphasis on achieving gradual weight loss and maintenance to ensure proper growth and development.

During the informative sessions, kids and parents learn about healthy portion sizes, fats, sugars, calories and other terms that help them understand food labels.

KidFit Camp also demonstrates ways to add activity to the day. For exercise, a personal fitness trainer suggests fun, easy exercise programs like adventure walks, team sports and independent play.

Kids learn the fundamentals of physical fitness like muscle action, breathing techniques and proper form and how to set personal goals.

KidFit Camp also helps families become more realistic about a child's weight, growth and development, and understand the role of exercise and fitness in achieving a healthy weight.

KidFit Camp is offered periodically throughout the calendar year.

Classes meet weekly for 12 weeks at UChicago Medicine at Ingalls- Flossmoor.

A physician referral is required before enrolling, and at least one parent must attend every session.

For more information or to register, call 708-915-8850.